Interim Healthcare debuts national television campaign


Interim HealthCare, the nation’s leading and oldest franchise healthcare and in-home senior care company, announced the launch of its new national television campaign in conjunction with Nurses Week, which began 5/6 and runs through 5/12. The campaign will run for three consecutive weeks on national cable networks. The ads, targeting women 35 years and older, will debut on Food Network, Lifetime, E! Entertainment, HGTV, USA and TNT. Interim HealthCare’s network of 300 franchisees will be able to include branded local info in the spots.

The campaign, via BFW advertising Boca Raton, FL, introduces a new branding message — “When it matters most, count on us.” With more than 40 years of touching people at one of the most vulnerable moments in their lives, the new message portrays Interim HealthCare as trusted experts for life’s unexpected and often difficult situations after a patient leaves a doctor’s care and returns home.

The first spot was exclusively in black and white features five intimate testimonials as a soft, original musical score can be heard in the background. The ad opens with an elderly gentleman on screen while his daughter’s voice can be heard off camera. She explains to the viewer that her dad lives by himself and she is terrified that he might fall down the steps. Next, a young man in his 20’s appears in a wheelchair and says he was not prepared when his whole life changed forever. The shot cuts to a close-up of a man in his 50’s sounding tired and distraught while he emphasizes how important it is to have good help.

Slowly a nurse appears on screen standing next to the Interim HealthCare logo and her soft, compassionate voice is heard. She speaks with tenderness and explains, “It is not about a shift or a case; it’s about making a difference.” A son then pleads on camera for the nurse off-screen to take good care of his dad. Then the screen fades to black and a narrator reads the brand message that appears onscreen, “When it matters most, count on us.” The Interim HealthCare logo slowly appears in the shot and the commercial comes to a close.