Introducing The ‘First Overall Rating Standard’ For Audio Creative


Veritonic, known for its “audio effectiveness platform,” has launched the Veritonic Audio Score.

The company is billing the tool as “the first overall rating standard for audio creative including ads, voiceovers, and sonic brand elements.”

The Veritonic Audio Score “empowers marketers to understand the true value of each of their assets relative to others in the market and make more informed decisions about audio creative as a result.”

While the Veritonic platform has always measured audio effectiveness, the new Veritonic Audio Score incorporates, among other things, “substantially more data, second-by-second engagement analysis and context for multi-dimensional benchmarks,” the company says.

“Audio is quickly becoming the most critical channel for marketers to engage customers and creative is what engages them,” said Pandora Sr. Director of Sales Melissa Paris. “Planning and executing an audio campaign without knowing, objectively, which creatives work best for each scenario is akin to leaving money on the table. A standard score like this makes that knowledge accessible and actionable — which in turn makes it a lot easier for our brand partners to maximize every dollar they spend.”

The Veritonic platform leverages machine listening and learning to analyze each creative, predict response, validate it with a human panel and assign a score.

Measured on a scale from 1 – 100, the Veritonic Audio Score combines individual scores for a given audio file’s:

  • emotional resonance
  • memorability (recall)
  • ability to drive purchase of the product
  • most engaging aspects.

As each creative is tagged for a range of characteristics, clients can weigh assets against numerous benchmarks — from industry sector to competitive set — for a practical sense of their relative value.

“We’re proud of how data-forward so many of our clients are when it comes to developing their brand assets, from logos to ad creative,” said Jessica Peltz-Zatulove, partner at MDC Ventures. “But decisions about audio creative are mostly still based on what ‘feels right.’ Having an evidence-based score that tells them, for example, ‘here’s how my sonic brand stands up next to my competitor’s,’ is guidance that couldn’t come at a more important time considering the market’s growing obsession with audio.”

Veritonic was founded by Scott Simonelli, Kevin Marshall and Andrew Eisner. Its U.S. operations are split between Newark, N.J., and midtown Manhattan.