Introducing the TVBR Television Index


For the past 10 years our sister publication, Radio Business Report, has calculated and published a Radio Index showing the relative movement of the group of radio stocks traded on Wall Street. Today we introduce the TVBR Television Index. Each day we will calculate the average movement of the group of publicly traded companies whose primary business is operating television stations and related TV businesses. All stocks included in the calculation must trade above one buck.

In alphabetical order, the 12 component stocks are: ACME, Belo, CBS, Equity Media, Entravision, Fisher, Gray, Hearst-Argyle, LIN, Nexstar, Sinclair and Young.

The baseline of 100 has been set as of Monday, using the closing prices from the last trading day of 2007. With TV stocks down, on average, a bit over 6% for 2007, we’ll see where they go from here. The TVBR Television Index will be reported daily in TVBR’s “Stock Talk” section.