‘It would be difficult to site these towers today.’


VerticalBridgeVertical Bridge has closed on an acquisition of nearly 200 towers from Alpha Media.

In the two-part deal, the assets portfolio includes 64 sites from Alpha Media’s existing portfolio and 49 other sites that Alpha acquired from its Digity purchase.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Vertical Bridge formed in 2014 by some of the executives from Digital Bridge Holdings, LLC and former senior officers of Global Tower Partners.

With the latest acquisitions, Vertical Bridge now owns, operates or manages more than 42,000 towers, rooftop locations, billboards, utility infrastructure and other site locations.

Vertical Bridge CEO Alex Gellman characterizes the assets as prime locations across top markets and says “It would be difficult to site these towers today.”

“Since these towers have not yet been marketed to wireless carriers, they offer attractive new co-location opportunities,” says Gellman, who adds because of their height, the towers will provide good relocation options for broadcasters relative to the 600MHz auction repack.