It's fine to be the licensee


Courier Communications says that Michael McGee Sr. is a paid contractor, and that he is responsible for the material that goes out over the airspace of WNOV-AM Milwaukee WI during his "Word Warriors" program is his responsibility. So when the voicemail message of Keith Conrad was dialed up and broadcast on "Word Warriors" without Conrad’s knowledge or permission, McGee should be responsible for the resulting 4K fine.

There is no dispute over the illegality of the broadcast, just the liability. As seasoned readers of this space, you already know what the FCC said. "The Commission has long held that licensees are responsible for the programming aired on their stations and for violations of Commission rules by employees or independent contractors." Courier admits that the offense took place, and it admits it is the licensee. Game, set, match. And a forfeiture order to Courier for 4K.