It’s Here: The Latest NAB Engineering Handbook


The end of the wait to the long-awaited update to the “definitive resource for broadcast engineers” has arrived.

The 11th editon of NAB Engineering Handbook is now available for purchase.

The handbook provides in-depth information about each aspect of the broadcast chain, from audio and video contribution through an entire broadcast facility all the way to the antenna.

New topics include Ultra High Definition Television, Internet Radio Interfacing and Streaming, ATSC 3.0, Digital Audio Compression Techniques and Video Format and Standards Conversion.

Important updates have been made to incumbent topics such as AM, Shortwave, FM and Television Transmitting Systems, Studio Lighting, Microphones, Cameras, and Principles of Acoustics.

The big-picture, comprehensive nature of the NAB Engineering Handbook is geared to all broadcast engineers — everyone from broadcast chief engineers to need-expanded knowledge of all the specialized areas they encounter in the field, to technologists in the fields like IT and RF who are interested in learning about unfamiliar topics.

Chapters are written to be readable and accessible by all levels of engineers and technicians.

A wide range of topics that engineers and technical managers need to understand are covered, including broadcast documentation, FCC practices, technical standards, security, safety, disaster planning, facility planning, project management, and engineering management.

The Handbook’s editor-in-chief is Garrison C. Cavell, who boasts a resume that includes roles as an air talent, in radio and television station engineering management, as a radio station GM, and a radio station owner.

Cavell is the founder and principal of Cavell Mertz & Associates, and has designed, built, and certified numerous station antenna systems over the years.

For further information and to order this Handbook, please click here.