It’s Showtime for Rohde & Schwarz, In Lieu Of Live NAB, IBC Shows


KAISERSLAUTERN, GERMANY — With the future role of traditional trade shows under question following the shift to a virtual environment for the 2020 NAB Show and the IBC event normally held in Amsterdam each autumn, Rohde & Schwarz has to find new ways to engage with its customers.

As such, Rohde & Schwarz EVP of Broadcast and Media Cornelius Heinemann says the Munich-based tech company is developing a new approach to customer contact while also supporting the IBC 2020 virtual showcase.

Introducing “Showtime Rohde & Schwarz” — an online initiative that, R&S says, “opens up the company‘s most valuable human resources to listen to and answer the customers‘ specific questions.”

R&S adds that the digital plan “facilitates hundreds of one-to-one online meetings with product experts, solution managers and development specialists to discuss the same subjects they would at the trade shows.”

In addition, Rohde & Schwarz has scheduled “a major campaign of solution webinars, master classes, online demos and video presentations.”

R&S Director of Broadcast Marketing Ciaran Doran says, “We have made a major investment in online communications so that our customers need not skip a beat.”

And, a benefit of “Showtime” is that all relevant staff can be brought to the discussion and demonstration, many of whom wouldn’t have been able to travel. “What’s more, the time available is less pressured so we can go into more detail as the customer chooses so it’s a win win all round,“ Doran said.

He continued, “This global pandemic will force trade shows to evolve to bring professional buyers and sellers together – how far and how fast they are willing to evolve is uncertain.“

SHOWTIME Rohde & Schwarz will operate over eight weeks, and started Sept. 8.

— RBR+TVBR European News Desk

To participate and schedule a first one-to-one meeting with Rohde & Schwarz, go to, where a timetable of webinars and
other online events can be found.