J.D. Hayworth stands by involvement in free money ad


Former KFYI Phoenix conservative talker and current candidate for the Republican US Senate nomination in Arizona J.D. Hayworth is taking full responsibility for his infomercial appearance hawking conferences on how to obtain government grants. He says it was a job, and perhaps the message to take from it is “buyer beware.”

TalkingPointsMemo published a transcription of a Hayworth video addressing the infomercial situation. Tellingly, the video did not come from Hayworth’s staff – it came from the rival campaign of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

“It is similar in many ways to my days in broadcasting, when we would have advertising clients, who would pay for a live endorsement,” said Hayworth in a clip. “I always say about any product or service, one of the staples I learned growing up is caveat emptor, ‘buyer beware.’ I think that is a given in any commercial endeavor – I would certainly hope in this one. But yeah, I’m a broadcaster, and yeah, I appeared in this, and yes, it was a job. And that’s that.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Hayworth may come to regret his choice of words here. His explanation of is already being used by the competition, and the phrase “buyer beware” may well turn up in the script-writing of the media wing of the McCain campaign – and if he gets past McCain, his next opponent — applied not to a commercial but to Hayworth himself.