JackFM’s U.S. Sales and Distribution Sail To Skyview


Thanks to a new partnership inked by Sparknet, Phoenix-based Skyview Networks and Local Radio Networks (LRN) are taking on the network sales and satellite distribution of the Adult Hits brand known as “JackFM.”

The deal makes Skyview Networks the exclusive network sales partner and satellite distribution provider for JackFM.

LRN will lead the affiliate relations initiative and provide its proprietary IP-based Radio Velocity Control (RVC) automation technology and its integrated satellite distribution.

The agreement between the parties goes into effect on January 1, 2020.

Sparknet President Garry Wall said the move “will upgrade the product quality for our affiliate stations in every aspect of the JackFM listener experience. This also puts us into a partnership aligned around innovation, growth and customer service.”

Skyview Networks CEO Ken Thiele said, “This partnership brings together the synergies of three compelling audio companies experiencing unprecedented growth. I am impressed with the leadership strategy of LRN and believe in the opportunities we bring to the industry as partners for top content creators like Sparknet.”

Skyview Networks and LRN entered into a collaborative partnership earlier this year.