Jeff Kuhner takes morning drive at WRKO


EntercomEntercom’s WRKO-AM 680 Boston announced “The Kuhner Report” with Jeff Kuhner will take over morning drive from 6:00am – 9:00am, starting Thursday, 11/1.  Kuhner, who has been and will continue to host from 11am until noon, replaces Todd Feinburg and Michele McPhee.

Commenting on his expanded role, Kuhner said, “I am truly honored and happy to be at WRKO. This is a wonderful opportunity and my goal is to create the best morning talk show in Boston.”

Jeff Brown, Vice President and Market Manager for Entercom Boston said, “This caps off a season of positive change for WRKO. It’s the right move for our two most important customers, our listeners and our advertisers, and needless to say, I’m excited about our future.”

Kuhner has been with WRKO since January as a weekly guest on the station. He has filled in on every daypart as well, and his one hour show, dubbed “The Fastest 60 Minutes in Radio,” launched this past August. Additionally, Kuhner will be a regular contributor to with blogs, columns and weekly podcasts.

Kuhner, who has made the move to Boston, will continue to serve as the lead political columnist for The Washington Times. His column, which appears every Friday, is consistently one of the most popular in The Times’ commentary section.  Kuhner is also the president of the Edmund Burke Institute, a Washington think tank. He has made numerous national radio appearances and served as a frequent guest host on “The Savage Nation.”



  1. I did find myself channel surfing more on my way in as Michle was busily interrupting while Todd and callers and Guests were speaking but Kuhner is just too shrill and extreme for my morning drive . Ended up at 1130 for most of this morning . Funny I ended up at 680 because Dennis and Callahan were too obnoxious for me . After awhile I just stayed with Howie rather than the big show . Don’t know what I’ll do for the morning , probably stick with Howie except when Michele pinch hits . My vote is for Avi Nelson .

  2. I liked Todd, but Michelle DOES NOT have voice for radio. I cannot listen when she’s doing a show by herself, filling in for Howie for example. When she is on I turn it off. I agree with Stephen, Kuhner is too shrill and again the voice turns me right off. I am in NH so I will be listening to 610. Why they can’t find another Howie Carr for the morning drive I do not know

  3. How I long for the joy of listening to Jess Caine. Now THAT was entertaining morning radio!
    Amazing how similar sounding is the name Jeff Kuhner if you drop the e and r.

    I enjoyed listening to Jeff from 11:00 to 12:00 but am afraid he will be too much for the early morning. We need something MUCH lighter. Although I agree with him in many respects, politically, this is like listening to 3 hours of political ads (in addition to the real political ads on the show).
    I wish you luck Jeff but I was shocked to hear of the change. I miss Todd and Michele already. I thought this was a Halloween joke.
    As a New Hampshire listener I am happy that WGIR has a new host on 610 AM who will be a lot more fun to listen to and with a lot more variety.

  4. Thank you,, RKO, for bringing Jeff to the morning drive. He is brilliant, articulate and very funny! Thank you too, for bringing back Rush! WRKO is now my main radio station.

  5. Can’t you find someone more along the line of the great late David Brudnoy or Bill Buckley? Kuhner is a slightly less irritating version of Savage, and that’s not good. You need more dulcet tones and intellectual heft, and less strident bombast – signifying not much.

  6. jeff kuhner has what may be the most annoying voice in radio.
    monotone and shrill. in addition he forcefully pretends to laugh hysterically at jokes by callers. he has a voice made for print. i agree with his content but hearing him ruins it. “my freind” (kuhners favorite line).

  7. People like him is the reason why I would never vote for a republican neither will anybody I know and you wonder why voters call you racists wake up republicans

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