Jerry Doyle continues to add affiliates in new slot


Jerry DoyleTalk Radio Network Enterprises’ The Jerry Doyle Show continues to add affiliates in its new time slot. The show that premiered in October in the 3pm to 6pm Pacific (6pm to 9pm Eastern) slot has earned its place in the Talkers Magazine rankings as the 6th largest syndicated talk radio show in America has jumped several spots to become the new 3rd or 4th largest syndicated show in the United States.

He’s now on over 350 stations including: WOR, NYC; KFXR, Dallas; KBSZ, Phoenix; KREL, Colorado; WGUF, Naples; WPGB, Pittsburgh; KLO, Salt Lake City; KFKA, Greeley CO; KBLL, Helena MT; KERN, Bakersfield; KWTX, Waco TX; WAUB, Auburn NY; WTRH, Ramsey IL; KFVD, Fort Dodge IA; KBOZ, Bozeman MT; KLID, Poplar Bluff MO; WNTW, Johnson PA; KSTE, Sacramento; and more.

Jet pilot, Wall Street investment banker for 10 years, Hollywood star for 12 years, former congressional nominee and now radio giant, Jerry Doyle has earned his right to this spot during the last nine years of entertaining and informing his radio audience earlier in the day.

“Jerry Doyle is the future of talk radio. He brings massive audiences through word of mouth because he is brilliant and funny, showing both emotional and intellectual range that is beyond rare,” says Mark Masters, CEO of TRN Enterprises. “Jerry is the vanguard of talk radio’s next evolutionary step, and he has been setting the standard for talk radio’s profitable, saleable and sustainable future for some time now, with commentary that is entertaining, memorable and responsible.  Good work Jerry, as you jump from the 6th largest show to the 3rd largest show in America – you deserve this – you have earned it.”

“It’s great to have a show like Jerry Doyle on our stations.  I guess he doesn’t get a copy of the “talking points” memo because the show is refreshingly different.  Doyle says it like it is.  Listeners and advertisers agree,” says Joe Edwards, Operations Manager, WICO-FM-AM Salisbury, MD.

Jay Bohannon, former Clear Channel Program Director WPGB, Pittsburgh says, “Jerry is the leader of the new generation of Talk Radio Hosts and has been our number 1 ranked evening host in the Pittsburgh market for years.”

Brian Gann of KFAQ, Tulsa says of Jerry “provides radio with an edge…high energy and tough talk…Jerry is not afraid to tell it like he sees it and the audience loves it.”