Journalist election focus remains strong


ChartDuring the week of 2/20/12-2/26/12 the news establishment continued to exhibit fascination with the 2012 political election, fueled by the contest for the Republican nomination. According to the Project for Excellence in Journalism, the story captured 29% of the newshole. No other storyline made it into double digits on the overall chart.

That’s not to say a double-digit dose on attention wasn’t focused on other stories on an individual medium basis. Newspapers and online sources went to that level on the economy, and online and cable went to that level on the ongoing saga PEJ calls Middle East unrest.

As usual, cable and radio led the charge on the elections with scores of 45% and 42% respectively, but it was #1 at all five media measured. The lowest share came from the newspapers, which gave it 17% of its coverage space.

Story Overall Newspaper Online NetTV CATV Radio
2012 presidential election 29% 17% 24% 22% 45% 42%
Middle East unrest 9% 6% 10% 9% 11% 7%
Economy 7% 13% 11% 4% 3% 4%
Gas/oil prices 4% x x 6% 8% 3%
Afghanistan 3% 4% x 4% 5% 3%
Iran 3% x 2% x 8% x
Abortion controversy 2% 2% x x 4% x
Education system 2% 6% x x 1% x
Avalance in WA 2% 3% x 4% x x
European economy 2% 3% 3% x x x
Health care debate x 4% x x x 4%
UVA lacrosse murder x 3% 2% x x x
Iraq War events x x 3% x x x
Oscar Awards x x 3% 4% x x
SCOTUS actions x x 2% x x x
Terror threats/security x x 2% x x x
Whitney Houston dies x x x 3% x x
Cyberspace issues x x x 3% x x
Honeymoon killer acquitted x x x 3% x x
Immigration debate x x x x 2% x
Fatal USMC AZ helo crash x x x x 1% x
Jeremy Lin news x x x x x 3%
China x x x x x 3%
Russia x x x x x 3%
US auto industry x x x x x 3%
Source: Project for Excellence in Journalism