“Juan” launches as new Spanish Adult Hits format


Dial GlobalSparkNet Communications and Dial Global new format targets the Adult 25-54 demo with family-focused variety. With a multigenerational approach, “Juan” offers low repetition, few commercials, and no DJs. The brand focuses on unpredictability while ensuring the hours are filled with energy and fun.

Juan is set to be distributed by Dial Global, a long-time SparkNet partner, and all network programming will be supplied by DG’s patented STORQ local delivery technology. STORQ provides seamless music programming, imaging, and advertising. In addition, it insures that all content is within regulations, timed appropriately, and radio-friendly.

SparkNet joins forces with José Santos, Santos Latin Media, to deliver and launch the new format. Santos, PD for Juan, will deliver all necessary programming elements to each market.