Katz Media Group launches national marketing unit


In the wake of cutting 8.5% of its sales force, some 122 people, mostly in sales and marketing, Katz Media Group (KMG) launched yesterday a national marketing unit that will create custom solutions for advertisers and their agencies that exploit the full power and reach of modern, multi-platform radio. “Katz Marketing Solutions” will be led by Bob McCurdy and include national marketing experts previously part of the company’s Katz Advantage and Marketing Solutions groups.

The new division will lead creative development, working with national advertisers and their agencies in the earliest stages of the marketing and communications planning process. Katz Media Group last year used its expertise in radio’s new, multiple platforms to launch breakthrough radio-based marketing campaigns for clients such as Verizon Wireless, Wal-Mart, NBC and more.

“Quite simply, innovation wins,” said McCurdy. “There’s a strong push for new ideas that demonstrate radio’s genuine value as an advertising and branding platform, and we’re uniquely positioned to help guide marketers through the rapidly expanding opportunities now open to them. Radio’s relevance and effectiveness is underscored in a difficult economy and we’ll be giving advertisers the customized, effective solutions that produce outstanding returns on investment.”

Katz Advantage, under the continued leadership of Bonnie Press, will now be dedicated to advising brand managers and national marketers on ways to most effectively employ radio in their advertising plans. Katz Advantage will work with national advertisers to execute ad campaigns across a nationwide network of more than 3,000 stations.