KekeLuv makes 175 hours on air


Peak Broadcasting’s 103.3 Kiss FM Boise PD and DJ KekeLuv has made a record 175 hours straight on air, calling attention to child abuse prevention. The station held a parking lot party yesterday with a stage at 5 p.m. MT when his mission was up. April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month and Keke has brought attention to it in a big, big way.

As of yesterday afternoon, something close to a thousand people had gathered in the parking lot, along with TV stations and networks. Instead of going home to bed, Keke, (Steve Kicklighter), 35, wants to go from the parking lot of the station to Hannah’s, a bar in Boise, reported the Idaho Statesman—although station folks tell us they may not let him, just for his own health!

“We’re going to play it by ear…it depends on how he feels,” Kevin Godwin, Kiss FM SVP, tells RBR yesterday. “Of course, he has finally hit the grumpy point today—I’m surprised how good his spirits have been throughout all of this. We’re kind of in awe of him. The doctors tell me his in great shape and that his blood pressure is just about where it was when he started. He’s one of the strongest-willed people I’ve ever met—and even though this morning 5-8 AM was a real struggle, he’s kept right at it.”

Last night he was put up at a luxury hotel suite downtown by the station with orders, “Do not disturb!.”
We expect more great efforts like this will come from Kiss-FM.

Says Godwin: “Well, we’ve got a group like that here. It’s amazing, we’re a small company, but we’ve hired some very creative and intelligent managers. They get it—it’s about doing the right thing and serving your community. This has been the most amazing radio thing I’ve been involved in, in my 15 years in the business. It’s been draining on everybody, we’ve all had a piece of it—but Keke, what a pro.”

Kiss FM’s goal is to put the word out that child abuse is not an accident. All the money received will help Idaho’s Heart Build – the first ever Child Abuse Prevention Nursery. You can pledge a donation at

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