Key stakeholders set to go retail


A who’s who of Washington executives facing the end of analog broadcast television will be meeting at a local Best Buy retail electronics outlet to discuss the transition and to demonstrate operation of the digital-to-analog converter box which is one of the key elements of the operation. On hand for the 2/7/08 event will be FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, US Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez, NAB President/CEO David K. Rehr, NCTA President/CEO Kyle McSlarrow, CEA VP Jason Oxman and Best Buy SVP Michael Vitelli.

TVBR/RBR observation: This session is noted as being a press availability, and when a panel like this becomes available, our attention perks up. However, to be honest, not this time. These folks aren’t going to be talking about anything our readers aren’t already well aware of. The press that needs to give this event some nice prominent coverage is the video press targeting average Americans. So let’s get on it, networks — this is your puppy.