Key Trends in Consumer Electronics: What They Mean For You


The annual release of Futuresource’s CE Tech Perspectives report is now available for download.

“We combine existing research from Futuresource along with announcements made during CES to provide you with the latest CE trends and market expectations for 2022,” the British tech advisory and media trends firm notes.

What’s the big takeaway from the latest report?

Futuresource notes, “2021 was seen as a challenging year for the CE industry, with uncertainty surrounding the impact of COVID19 coupled with the ongoing semiconductor shortages and ensuing supply chain issues. Yet the industry shipped almost 4.3 billion devices globally, a 5% increase over 2020, and is forecast to repeat similar growth
during 2022. So, we approach this year with refreshed optimism.’

Overall, Futuresource expects considered progression, rather than impulsive attempts at transformation, as businesses addressing the consumer electronics sector emerge from the COVID pandemic and reassess opportunities for innovation in a world with several “new

Here are some of the top trends to watch during 2022:

  • A Smart Lifestyle built around Smart TV
  • The drive towards high quality, lossless audio
  • A wider market opportunity for spatial audio
  • The immersive in-vehicle experience
  • Advancements in Headphones and Wearables
  • Revitalized interest in AR and VR
  • Supply chain issues will ease
  • The video conferencing phenomenon continues
  • Understanding the Metaverse


To download a free copy of this report, please click here.