KGB-FM San Diego morning team departs


Clear Channel’s KGB-FM San Diego is just the latest in a series of music-focused stations to jettison personality-talk morning shows in favor of more music. But in this case, the station claims it really didn’t want to make the change.

As of this week, the long-running “Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw” show disappeared from KGB. The station posted this notice on its website:

“After extensive negotiations, and offering the DSC team a very lucrative, multi-year offer, we were unfortunately not able to reach and agreement to keep the show with KGB. We wish Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw all the best in their future pursuits and thank them for their contribution to the station. KGB has had a special relationship with listeners in San Diego as the leading Classic Rock station for many years. We look forward to continuing that tradition.”

On his Myspace page, Dave Rickards had a somewhat different view:

“Hey Guys, thanks so much for the wonderful letters. We’re all heartbroken, truly. KGB is where I want to die, so this is tough. Let me promise you, this was not about us trying to go to some other station. There is no other station. It has always been about KGB, and if it can get fixed, we’ll do it. By the way, I’m hearing a lot of ‘I’m boycotting KGB, and their sponsors’. Listen, this is not the sponsors fault, so don’t hold them responsible. Cool? Happy New Year to you all! And God bless our military and freedom fighters around the world. Dave”

Just in recent days, major market personality morning shows disappeared from WCSX-FM Detroit and before that WLUP-FM Chicago.