Kramer takes the wheel at Entercom


Weezie KramerEntercom has 121 stations in 23 markets, and now, every one of them ultimately reports to freshly-promoted Station Group President Weezie Kramer. She was one of three Regional Group Presidents, and is moving into a newly-created position designed to bring the entire group into alignment.

Kramer has first-hand experience at ten of the group’s markets going back to 2000, including Boston, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Providence, Springfield, Madison and Norfolk. She has also been an active member of the Radio Advertising Bureau, and is a past chair of the RAB Board of Directors.

Entercom President/CEO David Field explained the rationale for the move, stating, “For years, we have operated with three wonderfully talented regional presidents, but the time has come to align our station group under a single operational leader to drive stronger organizational cohesiveness and effectiveness. In elevating Weezie to this role, we will enhance our coordination and clarity and drive faster decision-making. She will continue to work closely with Deborah Kane and Michael Doyle, providing an outstanding leadership team for our markets.”

Field added, “Weezie is an extraordinarily talented and highly effective leader who is driven to excel.  She is incredibly bright, dedicated, and innovative and has unimpeachable integrity and character. There is no question in my mind that in her new, elevated role, she will make us a stronger, more effective organization.”

Kramer said, “The great thing about loving what one does is that it is never work. So I am even more excited to take on this new responsibility and work with Michael, Deborah, and our teams in our continuous effort to improve the execution of plans. Entercom is blessed with outstanding brands, personalities, digital assets, and people who work tirelessly to deliver great content and results to our fans and customers. Having the opportunity to lead this team will be fun.”


  1. Good going Weezie… I knew you were a winner years ago when you were allowing us to sell some of your avails in Chicago. Since then you’ve made an even better name for yourself.

    It’s always great to see a good person make it to the top… and you’re that person. Entercom chose wisely.

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