Kucinich introducing bill to kill junk food ad write-offs


Advertising is a cost of doing business, and as such is part of the annual tax calculations of companies that need to market themselves. But if Dennis Kucinich is successful in getting legislation through Congress, ads aiming to sell junk food to children will no longer be eligible for a write-off.

The bill would put more cash into the hands of the government with which to combat the childhood obesity epidemic. And Kucinich figures that in so paying for itself, the measure would keep deficit hawks at bay.

According to Huffington Report, Kucinich believes the write-offs constitute the subsidization of junk food, and his bill, HR 4310, would bring that practice to an end.

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s advertising, Mr. Kucinich, not the Federal Bureau of Social Engineering. Broadcasters already have a public interest burden that few other businesses need deal with. Please find some other method to deal with your pet issues.