KUFO-FM Portland hunting


UPDATE: Ryan Homsley was arrested Friday and is in FBI custody.

Alpha Broadcasting’s KUFO-FM Portland, OR has asked listeners to help locate the brother of morning show sidekick “Porkchop” before he gets into even more trouble. The FBI and local police are seeking Ryan Homsley as a suspect in a bank robbery.

“Help us find Porkchop’s brother, the Where’s Waldo Bandit,” says a notice on the KUFO website. Noah Homsley, “Porkchop,” had identified his brother from a bank surveillance camera photo distributed by the FBI. He had been nicknamed the “Where’s Waldo Bandit” because of the striped sweater and thick-framed glasses he was wearing in the photo.

Noah Homsley told listeners to the “Kidd Chris with Marconi Mornings” show that his brother has been a drug addict for years. On a Facebook page belonging to a Ryan Homsley, the man says he robbed the bank to “pay for my medical expenses.” Noah Homsley has appealed to his 29-year-old brother to turn himself in to police before he or someone else gets hurt.