LA Times targeting radio


Thanks to Regional Reps VP Gail Lawing for passing along a full page ad she saw yesterday while on a business trip to LA. The self-pitch for the Los Angeles Times declares “Sorry, radio, but the numbers send a clear signal.” Unfortunately, the fax is not clear enough for us to reproduce here, but the ad includes a stack of radios next to a copy of the LA Times. “Run an ad during both morning and evening drive times on 20 top radio stations LA and you still won’t reach as many people as a single ad in the Los Angeles Times." And the call letters of 20 LA stations are shown alongside the stack of receivers. The fine print says the comparison is based on Scarborough data.

RBR/TVBR observation: Yes, but run an ad in the LA Times and you’ll miss lots and lots of people who read some portion of that day’s newspaper but don’t happen to look at the page where your ad appears.