Ladies and Gentlemen of The Broadcasters' Foundation


We all know that the well-written diatribes of our colleague Professor Jerry Del Colliano are seen by some as over the top, and that he had a justifiable ax to grind with Clear Channel.  But often, and in this case, he is spot on. Reference: I’m going to puke.

Reference: I’m going to puke. The Lowry Mays Excellence In Broadcasting Award
“…And apparently you are ready to lose it, too, if my mail is any indication. Excellence and Mays in the same sentence – are they kidding?…” 

In the past, I have contributed to The Broadcasters’ Foundation in spite of what appear to be extravagant, high-rolling fund raisers and presumably big salaries and high expenses that surely cut deep into the foundation’s efficiency as a charitable enterprise.    

My friend Bill O’Shaughnessy once counseled me that this is necessary to maintain high level involvement in fund-raising, so I have supported the foundation because it assists some dedicated and deserving broadcasters in desperate situations.     

However, I am incredulous – actually, I find it absolutely beyond belief – that the Foundation has chosen to create a “Lowry Mays Excellence in Broadcasting Award” to salute the so-called “broadcaster” who took the lead in the rape and ruin of our industry for personal and family gain at the expense of our industry and his shareholders, lenders, employees, and the public we all claim so nobly to serve.    

Mr. Mays’s idea of “excellence” led to the demise of broadcasting as anything more than a money-grab, and directly to many of the sad and unfortunate situations faced by broadcasters whom the Foundation claims to help.

How despicable.  The hypocrisy is inconceivable!  Has the Foundation no principles? Is it, at its core, primarily a self-congratulatory, clubby club?

Ask Mr. Mays for a donation of a few million dollars, and then name the award after someone who actually deserves it.

I am done with this organization.  Less is more, so kindly take me off the list.

Dennis Jackson
Wilton, Connecticut

Founder, WREF, WQQQ, WCLX, WRIP, WNYQ (now WTRY), WNBX (now WXXK), WKBK-FM (now WINQ) WMEX (now WNHI), WJZZ, and WMEX(2) Owner, WQQQ, WCLX, WRIP, WJZZ, and WMEX

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