LAN International launches “VIERO Radio Fusion” intuitive CRM software


VIERO Radio Fusion is LAN International’s newest product currently rolling out to radio stations/markets across the U.S. This is the first CRM/Sales Force Automation tool of its kind, designed specifically for radio reps. 
The web-based CRM and sales force automation tool maximizes radio account execs’ efficiency by allowing them to strategically manage contacts, create and submit electronic proposals, as well as predict probability of close for more accurate forecasting.

“The real advantage to Radio Fusion is that all mission-critical data such as avails, rates, and even Arbitron station ratings are conveniently located in one place, the proposal workspace,” said Ro Catalfo, Director of Customer Relations at LAN International.

“What’s really cool and unique about Radio Fusion is that it includes critical information from three or four other systems. Sellers don’t have to go to multiple locations to get rates, ratings and to enter orders…it’s all there in one convenient place,” said Denise Atkins, DOS for Clear Channel Charlotte. “Radio Fusion is also a great tool for pending business. At any given time, I know exactly where orders are in the workflow, which tells me how much actual revenue is in the pipeline and facilitates much more accurate forecasting.”

Initially released in Q4 200, Radio Fusion works in conjunction with other VIERO products to help broadcast media manage inventories and maximize revenue.