Landover Loss Is A Win for Winemiller


Its mission is simple: To re-purpose 600 MHz and other spectrum and rapidly deploy a world-class 5G network in the United States.

This could explain why the individual behind Landover Wireless, a 30-year veteran of the global wireless telecommunications industry, has decided to part ways with 20 unbuilt LPTV construction permits.

The buyer? An individual with a presence stretching from the Grand Strand through Georgia’s Coastal Empire.

Laurence Zimmerman and his Landover 2 LLC have struck a deal to send the unbuilt LPTVs to Jeff Winemiller, and his Lowcountry 34 Media.

The stations trading hands are as follows:

Winemiller, who is based in Beaufort, S.C., near Hilton Head Island, is paying $850,000 for the CPs; a $150,000 deposit has been made by the buyer.

The broker involved in this transaction: Greg Guy of Patrick Communications.

The legal counsel in this deal has its own bit of newsworthiness: While veteran Aaron Shainis of Shainis & Peltzman represented Landover 2, Davina Sashkin served as Winemiller’s attorney at her new firm — Baker Hostetler. She had been with Fletcher Heald & Hildreth as recently as January 2021.

The sale of the LPTV CPs for Zimmerman concludes a spectrum license play for Landover Wireless; Zimmerman acquired and developed national and regional footprints of 38 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 2.6 GHz and 1600 MHz/MMDS licenses across the last three decades and developed strategic relationships creating additional value in the spectrum assets.

Zimmerman is also known for founding Advanced Radio Telecom Corp., which became Fiber Tower and was ultimately sold to AT&T; and National Wireless Holdings Inc. He was also an early seed investor and one-time largest individual shareholder of Winstar Communications, which became StraightPath and was ultimately sold to Verizon.


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