Larry Elder Wins Court Fight To Run In Calif. Recall Race


The “sage of South Central” is now on the way to possibly becoming the wise leader of the Golden State.

Larry Elder, the veteran conservative Talk radio host who has been associated with Salem Media Group since 2016, announced late Wednesday (7/21) that he has won his lawsuit against the State of California and Office of the Secretary of State, Shirley Weber — an action Elder made Monday after being left off of the preliminary list of candidates in the September 14 gubernatorial recall election.

As a result, Elder is on the ballot as a Republican candidate to unseat Democrat Gavin Newsom, the former San Francisco Mayor.

“This is a huge victory for voting rights, our republic, our campaign, you and for California,” he declared on Twitter in announcing the court win. “Now let’s go save our state!”

At issue was the submission of what Elder said was more than 300 pages of tax returns required to become a candidate. Weber’s office said Elder filed incomplete information on those returns connected to redaction issues.

The judge considering Elder’s lawsuit agreed with him, finding that he indeed abided by ballot requirements and that California should have refrained from its demands of having candidates submit five years’ worth of tax returns.

With Sacramento Superior Court Judge Laurie Earl making the ruling just hours before Weber was set to certify the final list of candidates, Elder is now one of 43 total recall candidates.

Elder on July 13 stepped away from his daily talk show, which airs on such stations as KRLA-AM 870 in Los Angeles, in order to run for Governor of California. Filling in for him through the election is Carl Jackson, who hosts a Saturday evening Talk program based at WORC-AM in Orlando. Jackson has been a regular fill-in host for veteran Salem Talk host Dennis Prager.

Because of the FCC’s Equal Time rules, Elder must step away from the show while the race for governor of California is on. Should he lose, he will return to the program. Should he win, Salem has a decision to make while Elder packs his bags and heads to Sacramento.