Late fine lite for Ohio AM


WJTB-AM serves the Cleveland market from its perch in North Ridgeville OH – and its past regulatory failings have now come home to roost for the station and its licensee, Taylor Broadcasting Company. WJTB joins the ranks of stations that failed to apply for a new license on time.

This story dates all the way back to 2004. The station’s broadcast license was due to expire 10/1/04, generating an application deadline of 6/1/04, exactly four months ahead of expiration to give the FCC time to process it.

The renewal application did get in to the FCC, but not until 8/30/04. No explanation was given for the tardiness, nor was there ever a reply when the FCC issued a notice of apparent liability.

The station was fined $1.5K for the infraction – the good thing here is that even though it missed the application deadline, it did get it in prior to license expiration. When that happens, a fine for unauthorized operation is usually tacked on to the total liability, usually resulting in a $7K total fine. Sometimes, depending on circumstances, it can go even higher.

WJTB-AM is a day-timer that hits all but the easternmost reaches of the Cleveland urbanized area with a 5 kW signal on 1040 kHz.