Latest details on WGA strike impact on programming


Carat Programming announced it would also like to see both parties get back to the negotiating table and work out a fair and equitable agreement as soon as possible. From a recent newsletter:
“Our main goal is to deliver the GRPs we purchased in the upfront. We continue to pay close attention to maintaining the integrity of our clients’ delivery as it pertains to overall strength of schedules. Low-rated unscripted makegoods are not a substitute for expensive quality scripted programs pre-empted by a strike.

To date, only late night scripted talk/variety shows have been directly impacted. As we head into midseason 2008, a prolonged strike will severely impact the primetime programming landscape as the supply of scripted originals will disappear. Many fall series are down to one-four episodes each. A handful of popular shows including NBC’s The Office and Heroes are down to zero. Speaking of NBC, we now have some additional detail regarding their interim midseason schedule. Noteworthy is its scheduling of Medium, which will now air on Mondays at 10 p.m. replacing Journeyman. Other schedule highlights include a remake of syndicated fight franchise series, American Gladiators. Currently NBC lacks a defined Sunday schedule.

ABC is expected to release its updated midseason schedule by the end of the week. The network has quite a bit of scripted programming in its midseason arsenal. Besides eight episodes of Lost (which will probably launch in February), the network also has unaired episodes of three new series: the dramas Eli Stone and Cashmere Mafia and comedy series Miss/Guided.”

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