Latest Romney campaign focuses on economic trust


Mitt RomneyMitt Romney’s campaign is hitting heavy in key states across the country right now via a barrage of television ads that aim to convince voters that their economic well-being hinges on a change in the White House.

Backed by his second-straight $100 million fundraising month, Romney has poured $45 million into his television ad offensive, pounding home the message that four years after President Obama cruised to victory on bipartisan hopes, he has abandoned those voters who sent him to Washington and instead governed as a big-spending liberal, notes a Washington Times story.

“Four years ago, Barack Obama was concerned about Florida’s economy,” a narrator says in a Romney ad targeted at the Sunshine State. Mr. Obama was so tied up in passing his health care overhaul that he took his eye off the state’s unemployment, housing foreclosures and poverty woes, the narrator says. “Barack Obama: what a disappointment,” the ad concludes.

Obama has run $125 million in broadcast and cable TV ads, chiefly painting Romney as a corporate tool, calling into question his foggy tax history as well as his offshore bank accounts, and claiming that the Republican wants to increase taxes on middle-class families in order to cover the cost of cutting taxes on the rich.

Citing data from Kantar Media/Campaign Analysis Group, the Associated Press reported Monday that Ohio, Florida and Iowa have been bombarded with more ads than other states, and that between the two campaigns and outside groups, a total of $350 million has been spent on commercials that have run in nine states. The other targeted states are Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

The messages are repeated in Web ads targeted based on the locations of computer users, and have been adapted for the growing Spanish-speaking voter population.

To date, Obama has easily outspent Romney, $125 million to $45 million, on ads, according to the Associated Press.

See The Washington Times story here