Latinas turn to digital for purchase decisions


NielsenAs consumers, U.S. Latinas are readily using digital platforms to steer their decision-making—both online and off—according to a recent report by Nielsen. Eight out of 10 Latinas are using online information to make decisions about buying products on the Web, three-fourths are using it to make day-to-day decisions or as a lifestyle guide through big events, and two-thirds are using it to guide their in-store retail purchases.

While online, Latinas like to search, as the majority search several times per month, researching subjects for an array of topics ranging from recipes to beauty tips to education. The search topics that Latinas consider most important include family health (62%), personal health and wellness (54%) and parenting/family advice (48%).

Latinas’ appetite for information extends to mobile devices as well. Not only are online Latinas more likely than their non-Hispanic white counterparts to own smartphones (77% vs. 55%), they’re also more likely to favor mobile technologies for new capabilities like mobile banking (76% more likely), shopping (56% more likely) and price comparisons (35% more likely).