Les Moonves scores a $500,000 screening room


Les MoonvesCBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves, in an effort to make it easier to sample his network’s programming from his home, had CBS build him a personal screening room at $500,000.

The perk came on top of the $68 million in pay awarded to Moonves, enough to make him New York’s highest-paid CEO by a margin of nearly $7 million, according to Crain’s New York Business.

Liz Kershaw, the manufacturers’ representative at the Society of Personal Cinema Architects and co-owner of Creative Marketing Associates, a Nashville-based firm that helps design top-of-the-line screening rooms, told the paper a bit about it: “A state-of-the-art 3-D projector, which I would imagine was used here, would cost at least $200,000.”

She also noted that a high-quality screen, of the sort used at the Oscars or behind network news anchors, could run as high as $30,000, and high-quality leather seats can cost about $2,000 each.

As well, “I’d say if you didn’t install a top-of-the line sound system in this kind of room, it’d be like putting cheap tires on a Ferrari,” she noted.

Labor costs and assorted incidentals, like ensuring that the whole system can be operated from an iPad, make up the balance.

In the use of company cars and planes, Moonves also led the pack with a total of $558,000 spent.

See the Crain’s New York Business story here

RBR-TVBR observation: Hey, if you are paid that handsomely, you must be doing a great job—and Moonves, of course, is. No reason to question someone who chooses to bring their work home with them!