Limbaugh emigration threat clarified


We saw if first on the Colbert Report – radio icon Rush Limbaugh threatening that if health care reform passes, he’ll go to Costa Rica. Perhaps some nervous program directors started pondering a gaping hole in midday, but Limbaugh expanded his comments, explaining that he wouldn’t be leaving the USA permanently. He said he’d simply go to Costa Rica when he needs health care.

Limbaugh’s initial comments on the matter came in response to question from a listener phone call. He later expanded on the remark, since it caused confusion, saying that he’d simply journey to Costa Rica as needed for medical attention.

Raw Story notes that the clarification may get Limbaugh in trouble as well, however. Just as some pointed out that the health care reform debated in Congress would be a step backward for the state of Hawaii after Limbaugh was treated there, Raw Story notes that Costa Rica’s system is tied to a government-run health insurance monopoly, a far more socialistic system than the one Limbaugh would be fleeing.

While Limbaugh is staying put in the United States, the same cannot be said for remaining in the state of New York. His crib overlooking Central Park is on the market. If you can scrape together $14M, word is you’ll receive change on closing day.