Live Audio Clip Delivery For Broadcast, Production


IBC2018 will be held in Amsterdam in just a few weeks, and automated workflow and instant playout specialist ENCO “is bringing renewed emphasis” to its live audio playout range at the widely attended event. How so? The focus is on the latest version of HotShot, the audio playback appliance that first launched ENCO’s range of instant media playout tools.

HotShot3, introduced at IBC2017, returns this year with new features that tighten interoperability with other pertinent workflow systems. HotShot3 now offers customizable, automated features across logging, compliance, rights management and royalty reporting.

“HotShot3 simplifies how broadcasters and production teams manage both the entertainment and legal requirements of their operations in one easy to use package,” said Ken Frommert, ENCO’s President. “Interoperability with royalty reporting is perhaps of most interest, ensuring that artists are paid for their intellectual property and creative endeavors. Collectively, we are ensuring that our customers are protected by seamlessly feeding important data to logging and compliance systems that they can leverage upon request.”

To optimize efficiency, HotShot3 provides instant access to local and network audio assets, and offers stereo and surround sound capability.

HotShot3 playback options include a pre-labeled 80-button keypad or touchscreen operation – as well as remote operation using an iPad – to support all broadcast and production applications. The layout adopts ENCO’s on-screen “button box” layout to accelerate learning curves and allow users to navigate up to hundreds of active icons, each displaying a visual thumbnail with clip information.

In addition to HotShot3, ENCO will demonstrate ClipFire, its companion instant playout system for video; as well as MOM and DAD, ENCO’s flagship automated production and playout systems for television and radio, respectively. ENCO will demonstrate all of these systems at Stand 8.A59 during IBC2018, which takes place September 14-18 at the RAI Amsterdam.