Livewire Puts A Seat At The Family Table For GatesAir


What does GatesAir have in common with such brands as Telos, Omnia, Axia, 25-Seven, Linear Acoustic and Minnetonka?

All are now part of the family of Livewire Partners, thanks to a deal forged Monday (5/14) between GatesAir and The Telos Alliance.

GatesAir is widely known for its broadcast radio and TV transmitters, as well as its Intraplex audio codecs. Rich Redmond, the company’s Chief Product Officer, notes that Livewire+ AES67 support will now be included in several Intraplex intelligent networking products.

“The support of Livewire+ provides our customers seamless audio, GPIO, and management integration in their existing networks,” Redmond says. “The use of standard IT networks to integrate Livewire+ capabilities into IP Link codecs significantly simplifies operational networks.”

The Telos Alliance is the first tech company to widely introduce AoIP for broadcast, and conducted much of the early work on the AES67 standard.

Marty Sacks, VP of Sales, Support, & Marketing for the Telos Alliance, commented, “The driving force behind our work in AoIP has been to have all the audio, control, and advertising information for every device available throughout the entire network. This makes life better for the people that create great content. Gates Air joining us as Livewire+ partner is one more step toward that reality.”