Local FM adds a pair of AMs in Western PA


WMVL-FM Linesville PA is designed to focus on the tastes and needs of its local non-Arbitron territory in Pennsylvania. Its owner now has a deal with Educational Media Foundation that will spread its sphere of influence south, all the way to the Youngstown-Warren market.

The stations are WLOA-AM Farrell PA and WGRP-AM Greenville PA, which are being bought by VCI Radio Inc., headed by Joseph M. Vilkie. According to broker Ray Rosenblum, the price is $50K. Rosenblum also noted that VCI is short for Vilkie Communications Inc.

EMF does not usually work on the AM side of radio’s AM-FM divide, and came into possession of this pair of AMs when it also purchased WEXL-FM from Beacon Broadcasting for $225K in a deal filed with the FCC 10/1/10.

WGRP is a Class D on 940 kHz with 1 kW-D and 2-W-N, with a DAN, that shares some contour on the southern side of the WMVP signal circle.

It also has a small amount of overlap with Class B WLOA, which has 1 kW-D, 500 W-N DAN, and which gets a signal over Youngstown both day and night.

WMVL calls itself Cool 101.7, Classic Rock ‘N’ Roll Hits, and is a labor of love for owner Vilkie. He is a resident of the area, holds down an airshift Friday evenings and is a consulting engineer for stations throughout the immediate area.