Two Audio Engines, Now RAVENNA-Compatible


Logitek’s JetStream Plus and JET67 AoIP audio engines are now RAVENNA-compatible, adding this platform to the audio networking and mixing options offered by the Houston-based company.

The RAVENNA capability joins Dante, AES67, LiveWire and Logitek JetNet for interconnecting Logitek JetStream Plus and JET67 console engines with other equipment in a broadcast facility.

JetStream Plus engines also directly connect to popular Television routers, edit systems and program automation control systems; both engines adopt Logitek’s high-density routing technologies to provide a large number of I/O channels in a small amount of rack space.

Logitek President Tag Borland said, “As the United States’ first adopter of router-based audio console technology, Logitek has always looked for better ways to manage audio in a facility. RAVENNA’s AoIP networking solutions are world-class, simplifying a station’s workflow and exemplifying the high quality and performance standards that we have incorporated in our broadcast Audio Engines from the beginning. We are pleased to join the RAVENNA Partner team.”