‘LOST’ LAX: Juliette set off the hydrogen bomb (review w/ audio)


Finally got the premiere for the long awaited Season 6 of Lost. As I expected, we were left with more questions: 

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Juliette was able to set off the hydrogen bomb, but did it work?  It seems the answer to that question is both yes and no.  Are our characters living in a dual reality?

We first see Jack on Oceanic Flight 815.  The plane suffers some turbulence, as before.  But…doesn’t crash.  We then see that the island is under water.  This would lead us to believe that the bomb sank the island.  But did it?  We then see those that were stuck in the 1970s still on the island.  They are above The Swan, but in the present.  So, the same question, did the bomb work, or didn’t it? 

We are now following the same people in two different realities.  So, let’s start with them landing in Los Angeles.  This is what Jack wanted.  This is what they all wanted.  But, we come to see that maybe that wasn’t for the best.  We see those that died (Charlie & Boone) still alive.  We see Kate as a fugitive.  We see Sawyer, the ever present con-man.  We see Sun and Jin.  But, none of them have lived through the experiences they had on the island.  None of them have changed.  So it seems that, for some, it would have been better to crash.  Then we get to the ever present twists.  Even though things were supposed to “go back to normal” we see that some things have changed.  Jack’s father’s body is lost in transit; Shannon remains in Sydney; Locke’s knives are lost.  We also see Desmond, who was never on the original flight.  Why have these changes occurred?  Jack has some sort of awareness.  He senses that something is…off.  Will he remember? 

Back on the island we find that Juliette has survived the bomb and is trapped under rubble at The Swan, but doesn’t survive her injuries.  Sawyer asks Miles to “talk” to her.  (For those who don’t know, Miles is a psychic who can talk to the dead).  When he tries this with Juliette he has a very strong reaction, which is unusual.  Does he tell Sawyer the truth or is he holding something much worse back?  Sayid is dieing from his gunshot wound.  Hurley receives a visit from Jacob, who tells him to take Sayid to The Temple.  We have been teased with The Temple for a couple of years now.  We find that The Temple is a kind of fortress where The Others have been living.  (One question answered).  We know that there are healing properties here.  The Others were able to heal Ben as a boy.  Can they heal Sayid?  We think not.  The pool has run dark.  Sayid dies.  As our survivors stand vigil over Sayid’s body, miraculously he sits up and asks Jack what happened.  Is it really Sayid or is he something or someone else?  Could it be Jacob?

Let us not forget John Locke, Ben, Richard and the Man in Black (who has taken on the “disguise” of Locke).  We have another answer to a long awaited question.  What is the black smoke?  Or should I say who is the black smoke?  The Man in Black is the smoke monster.  Is he an evil presence?  He tells Richard “It’s nice to see you out of chains.”  Does this mean that Richard is also something other than human?  Does this Man in Black now control the island?  Will The Others be able to protect themselves from this force?  Will anyone?

Bravo! Bravo!  The writers have done it again.  This is nothing near what I expected.  Should I have really expected any different?  Absolutely not.  They have taken this show to new heights.  The message boards are a blaze wondering what will happen next.  I am looking forward to the coming episodes and the final chapter in this ever changing saga. 

April Starlett

“LOST: Kate’s on the Run’