‘LOST: LAX’ Tonight, 2/2/10, the SEASON PREMIERE


The aftermath from Juliet’s detonation of the hydrogen bomb is revealed tonight. With only 18 original hours left until the final episode airs, the island’s violent shifts through time were ended by Locke when he traveled off-island in an attempt to persuade the Oceanic 6 to return. Back on the island, the survivors’ stay in late ‘70s Dharmaville was over when their covers were blown and they were accused of aiding “The Others,” and Sayid was gravely wounded during their flight. In addition, Ben killed Jacob at Locke’s request. But since Locke’s body was found to still be inside the coffin, exactly who – or what – is John Locke? And if Juliet was successful in detonating the hydrogen bomb, was she able to reset time, allowing Oceanic Air 815 to land safely in Los Angeles, or was the island destroyed along with all of its inhabitants?

Look back: Jack was giving Daniel Faraday his dieing wish in hopes that he and the rest of the survivors would be sent to the future.  That they would be transported to a time before Flight 815 crashed.  Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Hurley, Jin and Miles were in a fire fight with Dharma security.  Jack dropped the hydrogen bomb in the shaft of The Swan only to find that the bomb didn’t go off.  Juliet was sucked in to the shaft presumably to her death (what a tearjerker that scene was).  She gave her life to set off the bomb.  Or did she?  We don’t know.  Were they all transported back? Was the bomb “The Incident” they were all trying so hard to stop?  Sayid was shot by security.  Will he survive?  Will any of them survive?  Well, of course some of them have to survive.  It wouldn’t be a show without them.  But, which ones survive and which ones do not?

Then we have to deal with those who are in the present.  I guess the first question should be about Jacob.  We get a glimpse of who he might be.  But, again more questions.  Is he a higher being?  We also meet his nemesis.  We are led to believe that they’ve had this long standing battle over…the island…mankind?  We see Jacob visit most of our characters at some point in their lives.  Were they chosen to come to the island? Why and for what purpose?  Then we have the once dead John Locke; now the leader of the “others”.  We find out that Mr. Locke is not John at all, but Jacob’s nemesis in “disguise”.  We see Ben stab Jacob.  Is Jacob dead?  Was Ben destined to destroy him?  Let us not forget the new cast of plane crash survivors led by Alana.  She was also visited by Jacob and, it seems, brought to the island for a purpose.  What part will her and her colleagues play?  What about Claire?  What about Jack’s dad?  Are they alive or were they also a “disguise” as John was?  What about Sun?  Will she be able to reunite with Jin?

On the season premiere episode, “LA X” Parts 1 & 2, the aftermath from Juliet’s detonation of the hydrogen bomb is revealed.