First-To-Market TV DMP Launched By Lotame


The first-to-market data management platform (DMP) for the local broadcast television industry has been launched by New York-based data exchange Lotame.

The availability of the TV DMP allows for the connection of digital audience data to local broadcast television.

The launch follows prototype testing with Pearl TV, a business organization comprised of broadcast companies Cox Media Group, The E.W. Scripps Company, Graham Media Group, Hearst Television, Media General, Meredith Local Media Group, Schurz Communications, Raycom Media and TEGNA.

Specifically, Pearl TV members harbor a shared interest in innovative ways of promoting local broadcast TV content, and of developing digital media and wireless platforms for the broadcast industry.

“Television ads are a powerful brand medium, but local broadcast stations have not been able to reach their advertisers’ specific target audiences with the same ease as their digital competitors,” said Lotame Founder/CEO Andy Monfried. “Lotame’s TV DMP provides access to rich behavioral data for TV stations nationwide so advertisers can more effectively engage consumers.”
With Lotame’s TV DMP, local stations can now assuage online behavioral data to identify when prospective advertisers’ key audiences are watching during particular days or times.
The TV DMP also brings data-driven insights to the ads’ measurement. After a television ad has run, Lotame provides performance against the target audience so advertisers have more information about household viewing.
“The future for TV broadcasters means the ability to make decisions with clients with more information. We expect advertising to be more addressable and interactive based on viewing audience data,” said Pearl TV Managing Director Anne Schelle. “Lotame has come forward with this innovative offering that can provide more relevant advertising to viewers, so that advertisements across screens can be properly targeted to the right consumers.”
Lotame holds the relationships with TV manufacturers, enabling it to obtain anonymous viewership data from all 210 Nielsen DMAs where some 15 million connected televisions are in use by consumers.
With a proprietary cross-device technology, Lotame can look at consumers’ digital and linear TV devices and pair them, giving advertisers and media audience-targeting data.
As audiences continue to “cut the cord” and select OTT choices, and with last week’s highly anticipated launch of DirecTV Now by AT&T predicted to “cannibalize” cable subscriptions, the onus is now on providing a solid viewer metric to both clients and media sales executives.
— Adam R Jacobson