Lou Beres & Associates launching campaign for IDOT


The Illinois Department of Traffic Safety is launching a new campaign for its impaired driving initiative. The integrated television, radio, and online campaign delivers a hard-hitting message to convey the severity and permanent effects of a DUI.

“This campaign needed to cut through the clutter with an extremely memorable reminder that getting a DUI is ugly, un-cool, and, most of all, has severely permanent effects,” said Lou Beres & Associates Chief Creative Officer, Andy Madorsky. “We want the word “Loser” to be synonymous with DUI. We know that strong enforcement is a great deterrent to this problem and we are attaching an idea designed to make people notice and think twice.”

The campaign has even more significance this coming year when the state of Illinois enacts a new, stricter DUI law. Beginning January 1, if you receive a DUI and wish to drive during the suspension, a breath alcohol ignition interlock device will be installed on your vehicle. This device will prevent a driver from starting the car if his or her breath alcohol level exceeds a certain level. Lou Beres & Associates created a second wave of “Loser” spots to communicate this severe new repercussion of drinking and driving.

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