Alticast, LowaSIS Join Forces to Power ‘Next-Gen TV’


From its Colorado offices, Alticast develops end-to-end media technology designed to bring service providers the ability to deliver “innovative TV experiences to customers.”

It’s now formed a partnership with commercial hardware provider LowaSis as part of a plan to bring NEXTGEN TV, a.k.a. ATSC 3.0 broadcasts, to fruition.

Alticast’s cloud-based OTT platform, STB software, CAS/DRM, UI/UX, AI and Big Data-based analytics securely bringcompelling, personalized and interactive content to some 50 million devices worldwide via broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms.

The publicly traded company is headquartered in Seoul, but has a major presence in Broomfield, Colo. It is here that Alticast’s modular, client-side software stack will be pre-integrated onto LowaSIS’s dongles, set-top-boxes and home-gateways.

Alticast has two decades of experience in the Pay TV industry has developed a middleware package that manages, decodes and renders ATSC 3.0 video content and can be ported to various devices.

Alticast has designed the software architecture to support a dual-mode hybrid model that supports the functionality for both ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 streams and is compatible with Android TV and Linux operating systems.

“It’s an exciting time to be in the broadcast industry and we are thrilled to not only be a part of it, but to use our experience to help power Next-Gen TV,” said Alticast Sr. Director of Business Development Guy Charbonneau. “By partnering with LowaSIS, we can showcase our commitment to bringing a seamless user experience for content consumption on various devices with ATSC 3.0 streams.”

LowaSIS’ dongle, which has been ported with Alticast’s software stack, has been in use in various ATSC 3.0 trials and interops. In the near future, LowaSIS will use the software to power other devices, including set-top-box and gateway products.