LPFM overcomes NIMBY hurdle


Broadcast TowerA lot of people are excited about the chance to take to the airwaves with a brand spanking new LPFM station – only to find that this excitement isn’t shared by those living near a proposed tower site.

The station is KJFP-LP CP Hot Springs SD, licensed to Joy Community Fellowship, which in turn is headed by William Martin. It’ll have the standard 100 Watts, beaming on 92.7 MHz. The proposed antenna for the station is set to stand 33 feet tall from top to bottom.

According to Rapid City Journal’s Hot Springs Community.com, Miller made his case before the Hot Springs City Council, noting that in addition to JCF’s core religious programming it would also be offering local information and covering community events.

However, the tower site is apparently in a residential area, and numerous people in the neighborhood said they did not want their view obstructed nor their property value adversely affected by the presence of a tower there.

After confirming that the tower height was 33 feet, not 33 meters, JCF prevailed on a 5-3 vote. However, the town’s approval is provisional and will be re-evaluated in a year.

RBR-TVBR observation: No matter what it is, somebody is sure to be against it. Offer free eggs to homeless children and somebody in your community is going to be jumping up and down yelling “You fool! Cholesterol!”

We’re been going through the same sort of thing in this writer’s neck of the woods over the attempt to build a tower to cure a cell phone black hole. We therefore congratulate Joy Community Fellowship on its success with the Hot Springs City Council and wish it luck when it comes time for its one-year review

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