Lurie switching teams in Bay Area


Veteran baseball radio show host Marty Lurie is moving his show to Cumulus Media Partners’ KNBR-AM San Francisco next month – and in the process switching his allegiance from the Oakland As to the San Francisco Giants.

After 12 years of airing “Right Off the Bat,” produced by his own production company, ahead of As games, the team’s current station, KTRB-AM, decided to stick with running talker Michael Savage on weekdays until the start of the As network’s offical 45-minute pre-game show.

That led to a new deal for Lurie with KNBR. And while he will only be on the air for weekend games, he’s launching two new shows which will sandwich the play-by-play broadcasts.

The “KNBR 680 Giants Pre-Game, with Marty Lurie” and “KNBR 680 Post-Game with Marty Lurie” will air on weekends prior to and after San Francisco Giants’ games aired on KNBR.  Lurie’s first show will be Saturday, March 6th with the team’s first home Spring Training game,  and will continue throughout the season. 

Each show will be an hour long and feature interviews with current players, past and future Hall-of-Famers, officials, writers and many of those behind the scenes including scouts, coaches and front office personnel. The station says listeners can look forward to a program full of the color, humor and the personality that makes up baseball today. Lurie will also analyze and offer detailed coverage of the games of the day in both the American and National Leagues. Most importantly, it noted, the show will take calls and hear from the fans themselves. 

“I’m excited to add Marty to the line-up of talk show hosts at KNBR. Marty has an incredible baseball knowledge and passion for the game, and he’ll share that with our audience each and every weekend.  Marty’s pre and post game shows also gives Giants fans more opportunity to talk about Giants baseball,” said Lee Hammer, Director of Operations/Cumulus San Francisco. 

Lurie, a lawyer by profession, also currently writes “Batter Up” a column carried at and in their newspapers, as well.