Machinima Comedy Lab launched with top TV writers

0, an entertainment network for the gaming generation, announced the creation of the Machinima Comedy Lab; a collaboration with 15  leading writers from series such as The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live and Seinfeld to develop 15 original episodic comedy pilots for the network.

The goal is to create computer-generated online programming with professional talent to incubate series that can migrate from the Internet to traditional platforms like broadcast and cable TV.

Machinima—a word derived from the combination of machine and cinema—is the term used to describe the creation of computer-generated video created in real time by leveraging video game engines and environments. Machinima became known in 2006 when the creators of South Park released the Emmy Award winning episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft," a large portion of which was created with machinima techniques inside the massively popular online game "World of Warcraft."

The series will be distributed on the network, which served more than 38 million video views in November, is among the top five most-viewed channels each month on YouTube, and in less than 14 months, has become the seventh most subscribed YouTube channel of all-time.