Mancow rants on Chicago; moves to the ‘burbs


MancowThe Talk Radio Network-syndicated morning man told the Chicago Tribune that his city had become so “unlivable” that he had to sell his Lincoln Park condo and move to the northern suburb of Wilmette. Muller, a married father of twin daughters, told The Trib he’d had enough with urban Chicago: “The schools are awful. I guess I could have had (my daughters) go to public schools, but I don’t want them to be stupid. I drove past Lincoln Park High School every day, and the kids are cursing and yelling and have their hands down each other’s pants,” he said. “And then, I was spending $45,000 a year for the (private) British School of Chicago. It was killing me.”

He also said there were always homeless people outside his door and street parking he often used was raised from a quarter an hour to $13 an hour.

“I think they’ve done a good job of making the city unlivable for families.  I’m so sick of feeding the broken government in Chicago,” he said.

Muller hosts his show, which airs in Chicago on WCKG-AM, from Fox studios.  He also has been costarring with his brother Mark on the History Channel’s “God, Guns & Automobiles,” and simulcasts a live version of his radio show each morning from on WPWR-TV in the Windy City.

With his move to the upscale town of Wilmette, Muller told the paper: “80 percent of my stress is gone.  You know what you have to deal with in Chicago, and get your kids away from that.  I was always on guard, honestly, and now, my quality of life is so much better.  I’m so much happier.”

Added the Trib: “Selling at $868,000, Muller made a major profit on his 2,900-square-foot corner penthouse unit, which he bought in 1999 for $569,000.  Features in the condo include two baths, a 48-foot, south-facing terrace with skyline views, an eat-in kitchen, a fireplace, and a master suite with a large walk-in closet. Muller first listed the penthouse in early October for $864,900.  He closed on the sale on Oct. 28.”

Meanwhile, NBC Chicago’s Mark Anderson delivered a counter-punch to Mancow’s complaints about the city in an Op-Ed entitled, “Good Riddance, Mr. Mancow.”

See The Chicago Tribune story here.


  1. A good article; I felt the same was as Mancow when I left Chicago in 1970.

    But RBR, WJJG became WCKG in September of 2012… Ahem!

  2. So Mancow doesn’t like driving by the high school and hearing “kids cursing and yelling and have their hands down each other’s pants.” Hhhmmm…sounds just like the content of his daily radio show. If you program filth, then what do you expect?

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