Mancow rebranding morning show as "The Mancow Experience"


TRN-FM and Dial-Global have re-upped to syndicate Erich “Mancow” Muller’s re-energized radio show “The Mancow Experience”. The new multi-year contract with Mancow introduces a new fast-paced show, focused on the entertainment industry, with features on music, movies, TV shows, comedy performances, and other related topics. 

The re-launch and redesign comes on the heels of another recent announcement from Mancow about his WABC, New York weekend program

Spencer Brown, CEO of Triton Radio Networks, tells RBR-TVBR they are basically relaunching the show a bit from what leaned to political talk back to his roots. “The show will be formatted more like he was back in the day.”

TRN-FM President of Programming Phil Boyce tells us that Mancow is one of the the most brilliant talents on the radio today. “What we have to do is channel his energy and ideas into the right type of show that fits what stations want and expect. We have a number of FM stations tell us they would like to see Mancow be more entertaining and get away from politics. And so in looking at his direction over the last couple of years and what was working and what stations wanted, let’s give them what they want.”

He adds, “Mancow wakes up every morning with a show screaming to get off of his chest. There’s so much material there that it’s just a matter of focusing him and picking and choosing the right things to talk about. he’s still going to talk about what he wants and his take on the day’s events, but he’ll do it in an entertaining style. He doesn’t necessarily need to talk about some of the political stuff that he’s done.”

Boyce says he’s directing affiliates that want a more news-oriented show over their “America’s Morning News” daily show. 

Guests on the new “Mancow Experience” show will include musicians, actors, comedians, and entertainment personalities appealing to a broader audience.  During the transitional period to re-focus the show during the last few months, guests have included musicians as diverse as Smokey Robinson and Ozzy Osborne, as well as other guests including pro wrestler and TV reality star Hulk Hogan, Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner, and actor Robert Duvall.

Mancow will announce a new on-air crew of personalities which are planned for the show. Interviews and try-outs for the position are on-going and will continue until the perfect fit is found to match Mancow’s satirical style and wit.  The new syndicated program, “The Mancow Experience” will continue airing during the same time slot, weekdays from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. CT.

Said Mancow: “I am elated to continue my career with Talk Radio Network-FM and Dial-Global.  I am grateful to Mark Masters, CEO of Talk Radio Network-FM and Spencer Brown, CEO of Triton Radio Networks (Dial-Global), for supporting the program as we move into its next evolutionary phase.  There’s simply no better talent in the industry.  I anticipate even greater things to come.”