Mark Cuban and Dallas are ready to celebrate


Selling made Mark Cuban a billionaire and enabled him to buy the Dallas Mavericks. Now that the team has finally won an NBA championship, he’s ready to write another check to pay for the party.

After celebrating in Miami after beating the Heat in the decisive game six, Cuban and the players are back in Dallas. Plans are now being made for the traditional parade to let the hometown fans celebrate and cheer the team. But Cuban told the Dallas Morning News he will be the one paying for the parade. “Because I don’t think it’s right that the city has to pay for it,” he told the newspaper.

The brash and outspoken entrepreneur was also especially gracious in sharing the spotlight for the team’s first-ever championship. He had the man who started the team in 1980, Don Carter, accept the NBA championship trophy from commissioner David Stern. Carter sold the team to Ross Perot Jr. in 1996 and Cuban bought it in 2000. 

RBR-TVBR observation: Mark Cuban is a class act. Some may not like his public personality, but when it really counts he is a true gentleman.