Mark Harmon is repeat winner as America


Harris Interactive has released its latest top 10 of television stars, and for the second year in a row actor Mark Harmon took the prize. Ellen DeGeneres was second and Jon Stewart took third place and was first among cable personalities. Two who moved from broadcast to cable dropped – one of them all the way out of the top 10.

Oprah Winfrey fell from a tie for #2 in 2010 to 7th place, and Conan O’Brien fell all the way off the chart from the 2010 #4 position.

In all, broadcast took six of the ten slots. Here is the top 10 for 2011, with 2010 ranking in parentheses:

1 Mark Harmon (1)
2 Ellen DeGeneres (7)
3 Jon Stewart (t5)
4 Bill O’Reilly (8)
5 Jay Leno (-)
6 David Letterman (9)
7 Oprah Winfrey (t2)
8 Hugh Laurie (t2)
9 Jim Parsons (-)
10 Stephen Colbert (-)
Conan O’Brien (4)
Charlie Sheen (5)
Steve Carrell (10)
Source: Harris Interactive

What would an election year be without seeing the results by demographic? Harris Interactive checked by gender, age, political affiliation, ideology, child-rearing status and education. With one exception, one of the top four on the list above took each category. There was a four-way tie for first among the Gen-Xers, allowing #6 and #7 from the list to sneak in. Here’s the breakdown:

Men: Bill O’Reilly
Women: Ellen DeGeneres
Echo Boomers (18-34): Ellen DeGeneres
Gen X (35-46): tie: Harmon/DeGeneres/Letterman/Winfrey
Baby Boomers (47-65): Mark Harmon
Matures (66+): Mark Harmon
Republicans: Mark Harmon
Democrats: Ellen DeGeneres
Independents: Mark Harmon
Conservatives: Bill O’Reilly
Moderates: Mark Harmon
Liberals: Ellen DeGeneres
Household with children: Ellen DeGeneres
Household without children: Mark Harmon
East: Jon Stewart
Midwest: Ellen DeGeneres
South: Mark Harmon
West: Ellen DeGeneres
High school or less: Ellen DeGeneres
Some college: Mark Harmon
College graduate: Jon Stewart
Post graduate: Mark Harmon
Source: Harris Interactive