Mark Levin offers $50,000 to debate President Obama


Mark LevinCumulus Media Networks’ Mark Levin has offered to donate $50K to a super PAC supporting President Obama if he’ll agree to debate him. Speaking on his show 3/14, Levin promised Priorities USA $50,000 in exchange for a one-hour debate.

Said Levin: “People are giving a lot less than that. Just one hour, a debate. It doesn’t even have to be televised. In fact, we’ll do it right here on this program. [It would] be very professional, be very fair, equal time, just a debate.”

He even offered a “neutral place” for the debate: “PBS is no neutral place, but we’ll find a neutral place. Maybe a McDonald’s.”

This is not the first time Levin has offered someone a large sum of money on the air. Following the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Levin offered MSNBC host Chris Matthews $100,000 to prove his claim that radio hosts like Levin and Michael Savage promoted what Matthews referred to as ugly rhetoric – something that came under harsh scrutiny in the wake of the Tucson shootings.

It seems to be a trend: In December, Savage also offered GOP candidate Newt Gingrich one million dollars to drop out of the Republican primary race.

RBR-TVBR observation: We won’t get political here, but the President clearly won’t take up the offer. Nonetheless, we won’t make any teleprompter references/suggestions/comments, either. The unprecedented 20 Republican debates have super-charged Talk radio and we’d all like the debates to continue—they’re great for the medium.


  1. Levin would leave the President’s head spinning. Reason and facts will overcome rhetoric every time.

  2. Can we limit debates to “serious” candidates please? What a joke! And by the way-who is this guy?!

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