Marketron Integration Suite ‘Simplifies’ Cross-Platform Data Sharing


Marketron has brought to market the first three connectors within its new Marketron Integration Suite.

Connectors for Salesforce, HubSpot, and NetSuite “simplify” and automate the sharing of data between Marketron’s traffic systems and the three platforms.

“Streamlining the exchange of data between CRM and accounting platforms, these connectors reduce data silos, eliminate duplication and normalization issues, improve data accuracy, and enable greater efficiency and agility across sales, traffic, and billing operations,” the broadcast technology company says.

“Our connectors with Salesforce, HubSpot, and NetSuite allow Marketron customers to begin sharing data with these platforms quickly and easily without involvement of development teams,” noted Marketron VP of Professional Services and Presales Greg
Aimone. “Using these prebuilt integrations with leading third-party platforms, customers can quickly start reaping the benefits of increased automation, broader visibility across key business tools, and complete data access.”

Marketron will work with customers to customize existing connectors as needed and build additional connectors by request, the company says. Additionally, Marketron plans to bring dozens, and eventually hundreds, of connectors “into a broad ecosystem of business tools and platforms.’


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